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How to Use Universe For Membership Registrations

Use Universe to sell membership (ie: annual, monthly, etc) for your Organization. This will allow you to easily collect payments and other required information, manage buyers, and communicate with your members. To set this up:

1) Log in to your Universe account and select the 'Sell Tickets' button at the top of your screen. If you have not yet set up a Universe account, you can do so here.

2) Fill in the event creation form clearly describing what people are paying for. 
- Title: Name your membership page (ie: 2015-2016 Membership Program)
- Description: Clearly describe what your membership, or various levels of membership, that you are selling includes and any other important information relevant to potential buyers:

- Set Location: If you have single address that makes sense to be displayed on your listing, enter that here. If there isn't an address that makes sense, enter the city/town or country. 
- Set Date & Time: Enter the start date as when the membership begins and the end date when the membership will expire. If people can select different membership periods, enter all available options by selecting the 'Add a date' button. Please note that all membership packages you offer on a listing, will be bookable for all date & time slots you set.
- Create Tickets: Create one ticket type for each membership package/price point you are offering. Name the ticket type, enter the price and how many are available. If you would like to add a sales start time / end time, limit tickets per order, set the status, or enter a description, select the 'gear' icon beside the ticket type and additional fields will appear below. You can create as many price points are you'd like by selecting the 'Add another ticket type' button at the bottom of the create tickets section.

- Booking Settings: Enter your preferred preferences.
- Social DealsEnter your preferred preferences.
- Promote Your Event: Choose a category for your event (required) and if interested, set a custom URL and hashtag.

3) Select the 'Save and Continue' button.

4) Once you save, you'll be re-directed to the Design page of your listing and prompted to upload an event photo. Choose a photo from the selection provided or upload your own. The Event Photo is thumbnail photo for your event and will be displayed when browsing events, shared on social media, and on tickets. For a photo dimension guide, click here

5) On the design page, use the menu down the left side of your page to customize your listing. We'd recommend selecting the 'Sections' button and from there, hover your mouse of each section from the preview of your page to the right. When you hover your mouse over each section, an 'edit' button will appear, select the button and this will allow you customize the messaging on your page. (ie. change 'Get your tickets!' to 'Get your membership!')

6) Once done customizing your page and have saved your changes, use the taskbar directly above your page to access your 'Manage' and 'Promote' pages to further manage your listing. More info on Managing your event can be found here and more info on Promoting your event can be found here

7) When ready to go live, select the 'Go Live' button towards the top right corner of your screen. 

For further information, feel free to contact us.

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