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How to Issue a Refund and Cancel an Order

If needed, you can cancel an order for your event and refund the buyer's credit card in full at any time before your event. Partial refunds are not possible at this time. To issue a refund for an event that has ended, please contact us for assistance.

Please note that our refund policy is 24 hours before the start of the event. If you would like to set your own refund policy, please state that clearly in your event description.

If you have purchased tickets and are looking to request a refund, please click here.

To issue a refund:

1. Log-in to your Universe account, go to your dashboard, and select the event you would like to Manage.

2. From your event page, select the "Manage" option on the task bar located directly above your event page. 

3. Then, select “Orders & Attendees” from the menu on the left side of your page.

4. From the Orders tab, find the buyer you are issuing a refund for and click the drop down menu located beside their information. If your event page has multiple dates, select the correct date from the 'Orders For' dropdown menu to view the orders for the correct date. 

5. From the dropdown menu, select “Refund & cancel order”.

6. You will then see a prompt that asks you to confirm that you would like to issue a refund - click ok to confirm and continue.

7. Once the order has been refunded, the buyer will automatically receive a cancellation confirmation email and the refund will take a few days to appear on their bank account.

If you have any questions please contact us

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