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Integration with Google Analytics

Easily integrate your Universe event with Google Analytics to track visitors to your event page.

1. To integrate Google Analytics with your Universe event page, you must first sign up for a free Universe account and create an event page.

2. Log-in to your Google Analytics account. If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, it’s free to sign up, and takes just a few seconds. 

3. Once you’re logged into your Google Analytics account, create a new 'property'. ‘Properties' on Google Analytics refer to web pages you will be tracking. You can create a new property by clicking on your admin panel. Under this panel, click on properties, and select ‘create new property’ from the drop down menu. If you have multiple event pages to track, you will need to create a new ‘property’ for each event.

 *Note: if you’re creating a new account for the first time and consequently, a new property, your page will look slightly different. The steps however, remain the same.

4. Now, you'll fill out some information about your event. Select ‘Website’ for ‘What you would like to track', and select either Universal Analytics or Classic Analytics as your preferred tracking method.

5. Under 'website name', enter the name of your event (eg: Ben’s Card Making Workshop).

6. Fill in the 'Website URL' field with the URL of your Universe event page. To find your event page URL, log in to your Universe Dashboard and select the event you would like to track. From your event page, copy the URL directly from the URL bar in your browser. Make sure to set the default URL to https:// rather than http://. 

7. Next, click ‘get tracking ID’ at the bottom of the page. Google will then give your event a unique tracking ID. This is formatted as (UA-XXXXXXXX-X). Highlight and copy the ID.

8. Once you've copied your unique tracking ID, head back to your Universe event page and select 'Manage' from the taskbar located at the top of the event page. Click on the Integrations tab from the menu on the left side of your page and paste the event tracking ID into the Google Analytics box.


9. Click the 'Save' button to start using Google Analytics to track traffic to your event page.

If you are interested to see which marketing channels are providing you with the most converting traffic, check out our Acquisition and Ecommerce Google Analytics Tracking Guide.

For further questions on how to Google Analytics integration, feel free to contact us.

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