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Using Affiliate Links

Promote your event and track sales in real-time using affiliate or referral links. A great way to learn which channels your buyers are coming from.

1. To begin, make sure you are logged in to your Universe account and have already gone through the process of creating your event page on Universe. 

2. Head to your event page and select the 'Promote' option from the task bar at the top of the event page.


3. Click on the ‘Affiliate’ tab on the left hand side of your manage page.

4. To add a new affiliate and create a unique URL for them in order to track their sales, click on the ‘Add Tracking Code’ button.

5. Type in the code name for your affiliate and hit ‘Save’. Saving will generate the unique URL for your affiliate. Whenever anyone clicks on your event page using this short URL and purchases a ticket, it will be linked with the code name and tracked. 

6. To add more affiliates, click 'Add Tracking Code' and repeat the process listed above (type in new affiliate name and hit save to generate the unique URL - or continue to add new code names and click save and continue when you are done and ready to generate the URLs)

7. You can also track the success of any of your online marketing efforts using this feature. If you are running ads or promoting your event via different online channels, and you want to track the sales results of those channels, you can create unique URLS for them and track them here. See example below:


NOTE: You can also simply add a tag to the end of your Universe event URL to track which channels your sales are coming from. To do so, add ?ref=example to the end of your Universe event URL:

To view the affiliate link data and referral tracking and real-time sales:

1. Click on the ‘Reports’ tab from the left hand side of the Manage tab.  

2. There will be three reports that you can download: ‘Guestlist', ‘Attendees’ and ‘Orders’.

3. Click on ‘Orders’ to download the file in either CSV or XLS format.  Under the ‘Referral code’ column, the code name that drove this sale will appear.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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