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How To Set Who Pays The Service Fees For Your Event

Universe charges a per ticket Service Fee for all paid orders in our system. If you are using Universe Payments to process payments for your event, a credit card processing fee will also be applied. These fees are charged to buyers as a default setting but you can choose to absorb them into your ticket price. This setting can be changed at any time. 

If you are using your own Stripe account to process payments, the processing fee will be charged to you by Stripe and not passed on as a Universe fee in our system. For further information on payment processing preferences, click here

  NOTE: Fees differ per currency, click here to view our pricing page. 

Universe is completely free for free events. 

To Set Who Pays The Fees For Your Event:

1. Log-in to your Universe account, go to your Dashboard, and select the title of the event you would like to manage. 

2. From your event's 'Manage' page, select the 'Payments & Fees' option from the menu down the left side of your screen.

3.  Scroll down to the Additional Fees section and locate the 'Fee Struture' setting. 

4. Select on the drop down menu to select either 'pass fees to the buyer' or 'Absorb fees into the price'. 

5. When done, select the 'Save & Publish' button towards the top right of your screen.

For further information, feel free to contact us.

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