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How To Set Up Custom Checkout Questions

Set up custom checkout questions for your event at any time. The default fields for both the buyer (collected once per order) and attendee (collected for each ticket in an order) are first name, last name, and email. 

If you would like to collect additional information from your guests at checkout, you can set up custom buyer and/or attendee check out questions. Questions can be set to 'optional' or 'required', can be a text field, single select or multi select question or a checkbox, and can be set to be applied to all or specific ticket types 

1. Log-in to your Universe account, go to your dashboard, and click on the event you would like to manage. 

2. From the task bar directly above your event page, select the Manage option:

3. Next, select 'Checkout Questions' from the menu down the left side of the manage page.

4. Select either the 'Collect Data From Buyer' tab or 'Collect Data From Each Attendee' tab based on the type of question you would like to set up. 

Collect Data From Buyer
This information is collected once per order from the buyer. Buyers are the people who actually purchase the tickets (or register for free events). The first name, last name, and email address of the buyer will always be collected. Information collected from the Buyer can be viewed in your Orders Report. 

For example: If you are issuing a charitable tax receipt for the order and would like to collect a mailing address, it is recommend to set this up as a buyer field to collect this information once from the buyer of the order. However, if you need the t-shirt size of each guest, this should be set up as an attendee field so the information is collected for each ticket.

Collect Data From Each Attendee
This information is collected for each ticket in an order. By default, the first name, last name and email address of each attendee will be collected, but you can remove them and/or add additional fields as needed. Information collected from attendees can be viewed in your Attendees Report.
To learn how to turn off Attendee data collection, click here.

NOTE: Your questions will appear once for each attendee (i.e, if 3 tickets are purchased, then 3 sets of questions will appear on the checkout page). All answers are recorded separately for each attendee in the Attendees Report. If you have multiple ticket types (e.g General Admission or VIP tickets), you can specify if you'd like to collect this data in all cases or only for certain ticket types.


5. Once you have selected the desired tab, add a new question by clicking the ' Add Question' button at the bottom of page.

6. From the fields that appear, set the Answer Type, enter your Questions, set which ticket types your question applies to or all tickets (default), and whether the question is mandatory or not. Once all information has been set, click 'Done'.

NOTE: Custom checkout questions can be removed completely if no data has been collected by clicking the trash can icon beside the question. If data has been collected, you can hide the question so it will no longer show on your check out form by clicking the eye icon.

9. Click save changes. You can revisit this page at any time to edit, add, re-order, or delete/hide custom checkout questions.

For example: The checkout questions along the right hand side of the pop-up appear after a buyer selects the qty of tickets. (See photo below).

For this example we have set the following parameters:

Question: How old are you?
Answer type: single select

Q: How did you hear about this event? (Select all that apply).
A: multi-select

Q: Please sign me up for your mailing list.
A: checkbox

For further questions on how to collect information from buyers, feel free to contact us.

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