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Create and Manage Discount Codes

Create as many discount codes as needed, set the percentage off or fixed amount (per ticket), the number of tickets each code can be applied to, and which ticket types each code can be applied to. Discount codes can be managed and/or edited at any time.

  NOTE: Only one discount code can be used per order.

To Create / Manage Discount Codes:

1. Log-in to your Universe account, go to your My Events page, and select the event you would like to manage.

2. From your event's 'Manage' page, select the 'Discount Codes' option from the menu down the left side of your screen. 

3. To manually create a discount code, click 'Add Discount Code' and enter the details for your code. Save your changes towards the top left of your screen. For bulk uploading, see step 4. 

  NOTE: Create as many codes as needed by selecting the 'Add Discount Code' button. 

4. To create many discount codes at once, you can upload them in bulk from a CSV file.  To do so, create a spreadsheet document that has only 1 column containing only the discount code names you would like to create.

  NOTE: A maximum of 1000 codes can be uploaded at once. 

5. To upload the file, simply select the 'Import from CSV' button located in the top right of your page and select the file from your computer.

6. Enter the details for all codes in your bulk upload. The details of all codes in a single upload will be the same. When done, click 'save'.

  NOTE:  Once the upload has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email about the upload and information on any codes that could not be uploaded (i.e. duplicate codes, etc.). 

  NOTE: Select the Configure Applicable Rates tab to set whether or not each ticket type you have created will accept discounts or not by toggling ON/OFF.  Your settings on the 'Configure Applicable Rates' tab will override the 'Manage Discount Codes' tab.

For example, if a discount code is set to 'apply to all ticket types' under the 'Manage Discount Codes' tab, it will not be valid for any ticket types set to 'off' on the 'Configure Applicable Rates' tab. And, if a rate is set to OFF, the rate will not show in the rate selection dropdown on the Manage Discount Codes tab.

Social Discount Codes:

If Social Deals are enabled on your event, select the Social Discount Codes tab to track social deal usage on your event. Social Discount Codes cannot be manually created or edited.

You can view which discount code was applied to which order in your Orders Report at any time in the Reports section of your manage tab. 

For any further questions, please contact us.

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