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Create and Manage Discount Codes

Create and manage discount codes for your Universe events. Create as many discount codes as needed and customize the discount percentage or fixed amount (per ticket), quantity available for each and what ticket types each code can be applied to. Codes can be uploaded individually or in bulk via CSV upload.

NOTE: A buyer can only apply one discount code per order.

  NOTE: To Create / Manage Discount Codes:

1. Log-in to your Universe account, go to your Dashboard, and select the title of the event you would like to manage. 

2. From your event's 'Manage' page, select the 'Discount Codes' option from the menu down the left side of your screen.

3. To create a discount code, click 'Add Discount Code' under the 'Manage Discount Codes' tab.

Enter the code name, discount amount (percentage off the price or a fixed amount), the quantity (how many tickets the code can be applied to), and specify which ticket types the code applies to. 

Discount codes can be sent to an attendee by clicking the 'Copy' button and pasting the link in a message or email. Once the attendee clicks on the link they will be redirected to your event page with the discount code already applied. Alternatively, buyers can enter and apply the code to their order directly from the check out form. 



NOTE: You can view, edit or delete any of the discount codes you've created at any time on the 'Discount Codes' page. To search for a specific code, select the search field located towards the top right of your page and enter the discount code you are searching for. To easily track all discount codes for an event, you can export all discount code info to a CSV by selecting the 'Export to CSV' button at the top right of your screen.

4. If you would like to create many discount codes at once, you can upload them in bulk from a CSV file.  To upload your codes, create a spreadsheet document that has only 1 column containing only the discount code names you would like to upload and no column title. A maximum of 1000 codes can be uploaded at once. 

When you are ready to import your file, simply select the 'Import from CSV' button located towards the top right of your page and select the file from your computer. A pop-up will appear where you can edit the discount percentage or currency value, the quantity available, and if the codes will be applied to all ticket types or one specific ticket type.  

NOTE: The discount amount and quantity available will be the same for all codes uploaded in the same CSV document. You cannot upload percentage value, currency value, and fixed dollar value discounts in the same CSV.

NOTE: Once the upload has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email about the upload and information on any codes that could not be uploaded (i.e. duplicate codes, etc.). 

Social Discount Codes:
This is where you can track who has purchased tickets using your Social Deals, which can be set up by selecting the Social Deals tab along the left side of the screen.

Configure Applicable Rates:
Set whether or not each ticket type you have created will accept discounts or not by clicking "on" or "off" under the 'Accepts Discounts' heading. When done, click 'Save'

NOTE: Your settings on the 'Configure Applicable Rates' tab will override the 'Manage Discount Codes' tab. For example, if a discount code you created is set to 'apply to all ticket types' under the 'Manage Discount Codes' tab, it will not be valid for any ticket types set to 'never accept discounts' on the 'Configure Applicable Rates' tab. 

You can view which discount code was applied to which order in your Orders Report, by downloading a CSV or XLS file at any time in the 'Reports' section of your manage tab. 

For any further questions about discount codes, please contact us.

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