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How To Edit Ticket Information

The ability to edit ticket information varies by event. If the ability to edit ticket information is turned on, information associated with a ticket and/or order can be updated. This information collected is specific to the event and typically includes first name, last name, email, and any custom questions set up by the organizer of the event.
 Warning: The event organizer can turn off the ability to edit tickets at any time. If the ability to edit tickets is turned off, no changes can be made. 

To edit your ticket information if you used guest checkout:

1. Set a password to activate your account

2. Once you are logged in to your account, follow the instructions below.

To edit your ticket information:

1. Log-in to your Universe account, go to the Your Tickets page and locate the order you would like to make a change to 

2. Select the 'menu' button beside
the 'View Ticket' button and then click 'Edit Guest Info' from the dropdown menu. 

If you made the purchase and would like to change any information collected as the buyer, locate the order you would like to edit, select the three dots beside the 'View Order' button and select 'Edit Buyer Info' from the dropdown menu.
 Warning: Buyer information is collected once per order. The first name, last name, and email listed is the information on your Universe account. This information can only be changed in your Account Settings

3. Once you select the edit option, a pop-up will appear. Make any necessary changes and select the 'Save Changes' button.
 Note: When editing ticket information, if the email address is changed, an email will be sent to the email address entered on the form to let them know that you have assigned them a ticket to the event.


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