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How To Manage Your Event

Once you have created your event, you can manage your settings, make changes, access advanced settings, and all manage & promotional tools at any time. 

To Manage Your Event:

1. Log-in to your Universe account, go to your Dashboard, and select the event you would like to manage. A menu will show down the left side of your page. 

Event Manager:

a) Overview: This page will give you an “at-a-glance” summary of your event performance, including a financial overview and tickets sold / remaining by ticket type. 

  NOTE: If you have multiple dates on your event page, select the date you'd like to view from the dropdown or view a summary for 'all events'.


b) Orders & Attendees: The Orders & Attendees page, there are three tabs: OrdersAttendees, and Add Attendees.  

The 'Orders' page shows a row for each order for your event (may contain multiple tickets) and there are columns for first name, last name, and email of the buyer,  status (i.e. paid, cancelled, etc), date of order, sales, and a drop down menu to execute certain actions for that order. From this page you can message all guests, search for a specific buyer, contact a specific buyer, view a specific order, resend tickets, edit buyer infocancel/refund an ordermove an order to another date on your event page, and change the date of your event

The 'Attendees' page shows a row for each ticket/attendee for your event and there are columns for first name, last name, email, ticket type, status (i.e. paid, cancelled, etc.), amount, and a drop down menu to execute certain actions for that attendee. From this page, you can  message all guests, search for a specific attendee, contact a specific buyer, view a specific ticket, view a specific order, and edit attendee info

The 'Add Attendees' page allows you to issue complimentary tickets and manually add attendees to your event. 

C. ReportsView your total event ticket sales to date, number of orders, and number of attendees. Download Excel or CSV reports to view your guest list, attendee details (including the information you collected from them at checkout), and payment/order information (including any information you collected from the buyer). Learn more about reports here. 

The analytics section below will shows show information on attendee purchasing patterns for your event and general attendee info including ticket sales by channel, ticket sales by gender, average time of purchase, discount codes used, ticket sale stats, tickets scanned at the door, and affiliate tracking links. 

Event Editor:

D. Basic Information: Basic information includes your event details including, title, description, date/time, tickets, and other general information about your event. Changes can be made at any time.

E. Design: When selecting Design from the menu, additional sub-settings will appear in the menu. This is where you'll customize your event page to set photos, your theme, customize page layout, and style. View our Event Page Design Guide for information on customizing your listing. 

F.  Checkout Questions: Use this page to add questions for your buyers to answer when they checkout. Gather information from the buyer (if they are purchasing multiple tickets) or require an answer for each attendee. 

G. Payments & Fees: From here, manage the following settings:

H. Checkout WidgetSell tickets on your own website with Universe's direct payments feature. Buyers will be able to purchase tickets directly from your site without redirecting buyers to Universe or a third-party site. No coding is required to set this up. View a step by step guide on setting this up here

I. Discount CodesFrom the discount codes page, you can create and manage discount coupon codes for your event. You can create as many coupon codes as needed, customize the discount % or $ amount and quantity available for each, determine which ticket types each code can be applied to, and set which tickets accept or do not accept discounts. Discount codes can be added individually or uploaded in bulk from a CSV.

J: Promote: When selecting Promote 
 from the menu, additional sub-settings will appear in the menu. This is where access additional promotional tools. View our Promote Guide for information on promoting your listing. 

K: IntegrationsFrom here, you can integrate with Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager, MailChimp and Zapier as well as access information on widget callbacksOAuth API requests, and webhooks

L: Access KeysThis page allows you to create password protected ticket types. Use access keys to control who can see and book certain ticket types by making them visible only to people with the code.    

M: Event Settings: Manage advanced settings and email notification preferences here. Choose whether buyers will be able to edit the ticket / order information, transfer for their tickets, and whether bookings required your approval. Also set how you'd like to receive emails about bookings and if you'd like to turn off the event reminder email. 

N: Duplicate Listing: Duplicating a listing will create a new listing with all details and advanced settings set on the listing you are duplicating from. When you 'Duplicate Listing' you'll be re-directed to the event creation form for your new event to make any additional changes needed before you publish your event. 

O: Delete Listing: When click, a confirmation modal will appear for you to confirm this action. Once a listing has been deleted, this cannot be undone and the listing will not longer show in your Dashboard. 

  NOTE: It's not possible to delete a listing if tickets have been issued for an upcoming event. Those tickets must be cancelled and refunded for your listing to be deleted. 

For further questions about managing your event, feel free to contact us.

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